Principal’s Message


Many Thanks for your interest in Regional College of Science & Humanities, Harithagiri.
Education is empowerment, irrespective of the socio economic status of a person it leads to a great deal of empowerment. The supremacy of Education is that it can empower even the poorest of the poor. Education provides knowledge, it can only unshackle a person from his miseries and hardship. Education is an ornament in Prosperity, and refuses in adversity “It drives away ignorance, encourages a man to a righteous thought and action, empowers woman and enlarges her vision to a higher and wider horizon.
With sincere feeling of the great responsibility that has been entrusted upon us, we maximize our effort to uplift the backward, rural and minority community of Malabar in general and of Malappuram district in particular. Understanding the fact that the Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) in higher education is very low in our district, we provide a serene atmosphere in the campus congenial to the academic growth and facilitate healthy practices beneficial for the all round development of the students. Choosing of our College will be an easier sail into the future smoothly, courageously and confidently. Join us to discover the experience of RCSH. I welcome you to RCSH and to all that it has to offer.