Academic Meaningfull socio culturel activities are being conducted under the various clubs and forums in the college with the intention of creating a community of students morally responsible and capable of confronting the challenges of the modern world. Each club/forum is under the supervision of a faculity member. Some of them are listed below.

National Service Scheme(NSS)

The college has one unit of the National Service scheme. The unit started in 2005. The unit has so far engaged in several noteworthy social works of the state repute.

Programm Oficer:Baiju.K.K, Dept of Commerece

Compulsory Social Service(CSS)

Social serviece has been made part of carriculumof the under graduate courses of calicut university since 1198. Accordingly, students grouped under severel tutorial advisers must put in meritorious social work of 30 days in the duration of the course. Students have to keep in record the CSS activities and get it counter signed by the co-ordinator concerned not one week laterthan the completion of the work.

Co-ordinator:Chithra.T, HOD English Department

College Union

The college union council is constituted as per the rules laid down by the University of Calicut and recommentations of the Lyngodoh commitee. The mode of conduct of the college union election will be decided by the institution.

Staff Adviser:Abdul Ali.K.T, Dept of Commerece

Career Guidance Cell

The college has a Career Guidance Cell, which provides guidance, coaching and information on higher studies,Campus placement, Test conducted by various government agencies, job opertunities, etc. A good number of books and journal have been made available in the library.

Co-ordinator:Rameem P.A, Dept of BBA

Women’s Forum

The Women development Cell of RCSH (2013-2014) was organized on 25/10/2013. WDC elected Safla Mol of second year Bio Chemistry as the president and Haneesa of first year M.Com as the secretary. Staff Co-ordinator of WDC, all women staff and ninety two students were members in this cell.

After organizing the WDC, there was a class on “Role of Women in College campus and Society” conducted by Mrs. Sumayya (Co-odinator of WDC, RCSH).The WDC was formally inaugurated by our Principal Mr. Vijayan Sir on 17/01/2014. Thereafter, was a video presentation “Unarthupaattu” based on Gender Awareness. This documentary was produced by KSWDC (Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Ltd). This session proved effective and motivational by making the girls aware of their mental and physical abilities.

Co-ordinator:Sumayya.Vattoli, Dept of Malayalam

English Club

The purpose of English Club is to improve the communicative skills of students in English. Cultivate English learning atmosphere in the college campus and explore English resources outside classrooms.

Co-ordinator:Noushad.M, Dept of English

Nature Club

The objectives of the Club are to create awareness about nature preservation and to promote activities required among the students.

Co-ordinator:Illiyas Narangavil

Filim Club

The activities carried out by the Film Club will encourage students to develop a different perception regarding the films. The movies screened mainly focuses on the managerial skills like leadership, team spirit, group dynamics, creativity, self motivation etc.

Co-ordinator:Mujeebu Rahman. V

ED Club

An Entrepreneurship Development club is functioning in this Institute to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship among the students and to equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch bearers of “Enterprise” for the new generation

Co-ordinator:Noushad Ayyoli, Dept of Commerce

Science Club

To help students acquire basic knowledge of Science and to develop student’s awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.

Co-ordinator:Bijesh.NT,, Dept of Computer Science

Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association of the college with the principal as its President, a parent as its Vice-president and a member of teaching staff as its secretary, works with all dedication and interest for the wekfare of students and the institution. The members of the association often meet to discuss the academic progress of students.

Secretory:Bijoy. M, Dept of Malayalam

Alumni Association

The college has an alumni association actively involved in the development of the college. The members of the association meet on a convenient day every year.

Co-ordinator:Sulfikar Ali.M, Dept of Bio Chemistry

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