Governing Body

National Educational and Charitable Trust

       The college is managed and run by National Educational and Charitable Trust(NECT). It is a team of educationally envisioned philanthrophic individuals dedicated for the cause of popularising general education and liberating and empowering the uneducated youth in and around the area. It proposes to introduce educational institutions in the field of Medical Science, Media Studies and advanced research in religious studies. The Trust is chaired by Panakkad Syed Sadik Ali Shihab Thangal.

       Though RCSH in the pioneer attempt to the trust it envisages to establish in the near future an educational complex consisting of a host of multi-faceted educational establishments with a view to provide qualitative higher education to the backward community and the marginalized sections of the society and to disseminate knowledge with a global vision and perspective in an ethico-moral framework.

        NECT also proposes to introduce educational institutions in the field of medical science,Engineering and technology,Human resource development,Management studies,Media studies ,Information technology and advanced research studies.With this end in view,NECT owns more than fifty acres of serene land on the top of Harithagiri Campus.

Members of Governing Body, 2013-2015

CHAIRMAN Syed Sadik Ali Shihab Thangal
SECRETARY Hassan Faizy Pannipara
MANAGER A.P. Veeran Kutty Haji
MEMBERS KammdKutty.P.K
Mohammed Ashraf Haji.K.K(V.Chairman)
Ahammed A/S Bappu Haji.M.K
Abdu Rahman Haji.K
Baputty Karalikkattu
Mohammed Ali Haji
Zainul Abid Kotta(J.SEC)
Ahammed A/S Bappu Haji.M.K
E.T Muhammed Basheer M.P