Women Development Cell

WDC Report- 2013-2014

The Women development Cell of RCSH (2013-2014) was organized on 25/10/2013. WDC elected Safla Mol of second year Bio Chemistry as the president and Haneesa of first year M.Com as the secretary. Staff Co-ordinator of WDC, all women staff and ninety two students were members in this cell.

After organizing the WDC, there was a class on “Role of Women in College campus and Society” conducted by Mrs. Sumayya (Co-odinator of WDC, RCSH).The WDC was formally inaugurated by our Principal Mr. Vijayan Sir on 17/01/2014. Thereafter, was a video presentation “Unarthupaattu” based on Gender Awareness. This documentary was produced by KSWDC (Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Ltd). This session proved effective and motivational by making the girls aware of their mental and physical abilities. As the part of Women’s Day Celebration WDC conducted a quiz competition and distributed prizes to the winners.

Women Development Cell-year plan- 2015-2016

1- WDC Inauguration-a class on self confidence and self-esteem by an eminent women achiever.
2 – Positive Thinking, Leadership and Capacity Building-A class by an expert.
3 – Awareness class on Health & Hygiene by an eminent doctor.
4 – Mobile, Internet & Cybercrimes-Story writing and presentation led by student’s representatives.
5 – Women issues in society-seminar led by student representatives.
6 – Video presentation to make the students aware of their physical & mental condition.
7 – Talk by practicing advocates on Legal Awareness for women.
8 – Gender Sensitivity Training-Class by expert.
9 – Handicraft Training-Led by expert.
10 – March 8 Women’s Day Celebration with variety of competitions such as essay /story writing etc.